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Prospector Mick Shmazian Helps Keep the Economy Moving

January 18, 2018
In this day and age, it is a fact that steady supplies of certain types of mineral resources are critical to manufacturing and maintaining many products that we have all come to depend on in our daily lives. Being able to maintain the availability of these minerals is the key to maintaining a good economy. That makes prospectors like Mick Shmazian a very important cog in the industrial wheel. The profession of a prospector makes everything move smoothly and efficiently and keeps many industries moving forward.

While it is true that Mick Shmazian defies the stereotype of a prospector, in that he doesn’t wear overalls and carry a pick axe, and he doesn’t walk a loaded-down donkey through the southwest United States, that doesn't mean he's not important as a prospector. Mick tends to use the most proven and efficient methods for locating and extracting mineral resources because finding as much as can be found is good for everyone. That is how prices are kept down, which is good for everyone, from consumers to manufacturers and even investors.